Music will make or break a scene. Whether it's a full production or a five second sting, B. Christopher can deliver Blues, Rock, Surf, Tension, Acoustic, Spanish, Country...Happy, Sad, Triumphant...Great Slide Guitar, Talking Guitar, Burning Guitar, Crying Guitar.  This is a One Stop Guitar Shop!

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With the proven success of a 70% placement rate of his catalog, totaling over 3,000 placements annually, there is no reason to look any further than B. Christopher.

What people are saying...

"B. Christopher is a master musician and composer"

-Jack Douglas, Producer of Miles Davis, Aerosmith, The Who, and John Lennon


"B. Christopher's music has a great vibe...check out his beautiful tone and cool touch!"

-Nathan East


"For Blues/Jazz fans and people who like to marvel at guitar genius, this is worth a look"

-The Advocate, Alberta, Canada


"The best player I've seen since Stevie Ray Vaughan"

-Steve Kennedy, VP of Sales & Marketing , Sony Music


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B. Christopher Band D'addario artist link

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B. Christopher Band D'addario artist link